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Norfolk LiveJournal MeetUp Community's Journal
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Tuesday, October 14th, 2008
1:17 pm
New Go club in Hampton Roads, VA
New Go club in Hampton Roads, VA, USA. You can find us at http://hamptonroadsgoclub.ning.com
Tuesday, July 31st, 2007
7:08 pm
Jam sessions. Musicians meet musicians. Learn something new.

Hey y'all. What's good?

I'm a DJ and remix artist out of Norfolk, VA. I am the pro audio sales guy and Webmaster for DnD Music (http://www.dndmusic.biz.) Think of us like a big box instrument and recording sales spot, only we'll actually pay attention to you - instead of ignore you to get the commission elsewhere. No commission here. Just pure mom n pop music shop sensibility.

We sell guitars, DJ gear, recording equipment, mics...if it's used to make a sound, we can probably find a way to get it for you. We cater to ALL types of musicians. If you simply bang two rocks together trying to add that whole "prehistoric feel" to your sound...we can make you sound better doing it. We have a full service repair shop and regular jam sessions every week.

As a DJ, I've been spinning for 14 years and counting. I've been on stage with Grammy legends like RUN DMC, Biz Markie, and DangerMouse to name a few. I have underground remixes in circulation and am very active in the music community. I just opened up my own DJ class from the DnD Music Learning Center, adding to our 200+ students learning almost every major instrument out there within out classroom walls. Currently I am resident DJ for both The Granby Theater and The Velvet lounge in downtown Norfolk.

So there. This is for those who want to jam on occasion...learn something new, or simply be more a part of the music community in the 757 than what you already are. I hope y'all don't mind if I stick around a bit. Feel free to check out our current website. We have version 2.0 of the web site coming soon. Come find me if you need some help upgrading your gear.


email: brandon@dndmusic.biz

(x-posted everywhere I thought was suitable or possibly useful)

DnD Music
3304 Taylor Rd. 
Chesapeake, VA 23321
phone: 757-484-6233

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007
9:23 pm
Wednesday, January 31st, 2007
9:59 am
Friday, September 22nd, 2006
12:14 pm
MC7C~free ALL AGES show 2 nite!

Hello, K@t here giving you the latest show updates for the Seven Cities...

Hey! Are you going to this show? Cause I am….
It’s all AGES! It’s free for all you cheapskates!

Also HINDU PEZ (the other half of the MC7C project) will be releasing his cd
“Live from Charlottesville” at the Hart’z gig on September 22nd 2k.
I got a sneak preview of this record and it’s HOT! It’s filled with eardrum pounding blastbeats and noise, which is best described as sexy, yet disturbing. Loving it!
(I’m not just saying that because I work with the guy either- he doesn’t pay me a dime-*hint hint*)
Pick up your copy of this impressive, superhuman release at Hart’z this Friday or by checking out his myspace page:

Continuing on with release news:

DevilJoy will be releasing their new cd:” The Fine Art of Failure” on October 13th 2k (which is Friday the 13th..play spooky music here)
I’m such a brat that I got to hear a sneak preview of this cd too…(I’ve known Toad for what? 9 years!) It’s a combination of industrial, hardcore, and screamcore….complete with violent drumbeats, turbulent guitar riffs, pensive bass lines, and destructive vocals…
My kind of album!

More HardCore Shows:

And For The ExperimEntAl/IndustTrial/ HarDcoRe FrieNdS:

the one below is an ALL AGES SHOW!
no excuses!

On The Lighter Side:

Tuesday, September 12th, 2006
11:53 am
upcoming show:

K@t here! Letting you know the upcoming shows in the Seven Cities.

Please click on the banner above to check our myspace page with all upcoming show dates:

Support local MusIC!
Thursday, December 22nd, 2005
12:50 pm
Local Florist
Hello! My name is Laura, and I am a local florist. Please take a second to look at my store and remember me. I am a small business owner and do my best to make the most beautiful arrangements for my customers. We deliver and buy our flowers from a local flower distributer, so our flowers are fresh and will keep longer.

***cross posted to local communities****
Thursday, April 14th, 2005
2:24 am
Just started a new community for local VA people to meet others come check it out and post some information about you and what your looking for meetinva
Tuesday, March 22nd, 2005
10:12 pm
Hey i was wondering if anyone could tell me The Cemeteries in Norfolk and any Haunted Housed/parks/things around there :)

Current Mood: calm
Sunday, January 30th, 2005
8:24 pm
Flash Mob Virginia!
Good Evening! I know a lot of you Virginians get bored in these winter months and I propose a solution to that boredom. It's a thing I've been a big fan of for a while. It's called "Flash Mob" and no it doesn't involve flashing people (necessarily hahaha). For those of you that know what it is and would like to join in a VA flash mob group please feel free to join the new flashmobva for those of you that wanna learn more go check out the user info or go read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flash_mob for more information.

Spread the word and Happy Mobbing!!!


Saturday, January 29th, 2005
5:13 am
hey everyone: my roommate and i are looking to get out of our lease early. we live in ghent on manteo in a nice, spacious apartment, right by evms and colley/princess anne. my roommate is being transferred to washington DC and i'm moving to athens, GA. the apartment is for 1 or 2 people, $850 rent (water included) plus electric and gas. our lease is through march, but my landlord is willing to let us opt out early if someone else signs a lease with him. we'd like someone to take over march 1, or sooner if necessary. here's the dirty details:

-two 12 1/2 foot by 11 foot bedrooms with closets.
-another 12 1/2 foot by 11 foot room without a closet.
-small entry way, small living room (10 1/2' x 10 1/2') with a fireplace that doesn't work.
-long hallway with a closet near the dining room (12 1/2 x 11).
-hardwood floors aren't in the best shape everywhere, but acceptable.
-old-fashioned bath tub/shower. decent-sized bath room, big walk in closet in bathroom.
-smallish kitchen (with another closet, with shelves inside it) with older furnishings (fridge and gas stove, but NO dishwasher or washer/dryer... 2
laundromats nearby, tho).
-nice patio/porch in front and back. small backyard, shared with the
apartment above.
-air conditioning.
-dog/cat welcome.
-walls were painted white/cream in september.
-permit parking on street.
-doorbell doesn't work, but dan the landlord might be willing to fix it.
-plenty of room for 1-2 people.

let me know if you're interested in getting a tour +/or meeting the landlord to discuss your interest! thanks!
Tuesday, January 25th, 2005
9:24 pm
Where was everyone? I waited for an hour and went home.
6:03 pm
Ugh, the kids in a rotten mood, hasn't had a good nap all day, and we dont' believe in babysitters, so it doesn't look like we're coming tonight. Next time, we're going to have to make it earlier cause it is much too late for a 1 year old to be out.
4:14 pm
New LJ Community
I have created a community for those LJ members on the Pensunla. newportnews. Check it out and join I hope to organize Meetups too.
Monday, January 24th, 2005
3:01 pm
Anyone coming to the meetup tomorrow?
Thursday, January 13th, 2005
9:30 pm
Great Place to eat.
If you live in the Newport News area and are looking for a good place to eat try this new place I found. It's called The FDR Resturant (Food Done Right). They have the best home-style no strike that Home Cooking I have ever had at a resturant. Now the service was a little slow but the food was worth it. All Homemade even the roast beef they put on my open-faced sandwich. They had a soup tonight it was a cabbage beef (and mind you I hate cabbage) that was out of this world. You know how most places bring you bread when you sit down well they bring something called fried cornbread, I know it has been around and is a NC thing but I have never heard of it untill tonight. All and all I give the FDR Resturant in Newport News, VA 5 Stars. For information purposes the resturant is located by the Farm Fresh on Chatam Drive. If you need directions just comment me and I will be more than happy. \

x-posted to personal journal
Tuesday, November 30th, 2004
2:27 pm
when's the next meetup! I'd love to finally meet some people in the area. I moved to norfolk this summer.

here's meCollapse )
Monday, October 18th, 2004
9:14 am
hey, i just moved to norfolk a month ago... does anyone have a disc of windows 98 SECOND EDITION that i can have/borrow? i just got cox this weekend, and though the website and paperwork says it's windows 98 compatible (not Windows 98 SE), second edition is required. i'll buy you a beer or the beverage of your choice. also, i don't have a car, so that could be a problem. i live in ghent, on manteo near princess anne/EVMS. i'd need it today. if i don't hear from anyone today, i'll go to a computer store to buy it. call me at 248 224 0869 if you have the W98SE disc. lemmeknow, and thanx in advance!
Tuesday, September 28th, 2004
3:26 pm
I havent signed up yet at the meetup site. Is the meetup tonight? If so I wont be there as I already have something planned... hope you all enjoy it.
2:22 pm
I just emailed this.
posted here in case you dont check your email:

Hello everyone, I know this is late notice but is anyone up for
meeting at 7 pm rather than 8? Reason I'm asking is I have an
8.5 month old son who has to come and i dont want to be out too
late. Can you all make it at 7?

Also, I need directions there!
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